MSUM’S Tracy Wright Earned National Certification as an Informatics Nurse

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Tracy Wright, a professor in MSUM’s nursing program, has successfully passed the national examination to become a board certified Informatics Nurse.  Dr. Wright has immersed herself in the nursing informatics field including recent participation in (a) the Nursing Informatics Boot Camp lead by Dr. Susan Newbold, one of the leading nursing informaticists in the nation and sponsored in part by MINING; (b) Nursing Informatics Webinars presented by the American Nurses Credentialing Center; and (c) the Navigating the River of Data to Wisdom Conference hosted by the American Nursing Informatics Association.


Use of healthcare data is imperative to improving patient care, identifying trends in population-based health, and implementing evidence-based practice. Nursing Informatics, including outcome measurement, quality metrics, and performance improvement, are essential competencies of Master’s of Science in Nursing curricula as noted by Quality and Safety Education in Nursing (QSEN), American Association of Colleges of Nursing Master’s Essentials, and American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE), and American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN).


Dr. Wright’s knowledge in the area of nursing informatics will be an asset to MSUM’s nursing and healthcare programs. Her interests in vulnerable populations, instrument development, nursing education, and quantitative, qualitative, and evidence-based practice will prove invaluable to the students she works with. Her certification is also timely in that is coincides with the launching of MSUM’s new Nursing Administration and Organizational Systems Leadership emphasis option within the current Master of Science in Nursing Program.

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