National EMS Week – 2013

National EMS Week

National EMS week


May 20, 2013 signifies the beginning of National EMS Week, a time dedicated to honoring emergency medical service responders across the United States. This year’s mission is “EMS: One Mission, One Team,” and serves to unite the many forces that make up the healthcare system under the “front line” that is EMS. The assistance that EMS responders provide for local citizens is astounding: from responding to disasters like tornadoes, wildfires, bombings, and pandemic illnesses to evacuating homes, schools, and hospitals, they remain a constant and reliable means of aid and support within the national community. Not only do EMS responders give their lives while protecting this nation, they also work around the clock to provide such invaluable care.



            Show your support for local EMS providers by getting together with others to advocate for safety and honor the efforts of those that provide it. Also during this week, go to for facts about EMSC, Emergency Medical Services for Children. These include topics about bicycle safety, school bus safety, family-centered care, and much more to keep you and your family safe year-round.

For additional information, visit,, or contact






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