Highlighting Holistic Nursing – Part 2

Invitation to Learn About and Experience Energetic Healing

Live Webcast dates with Tara Argall of Quantum Wonderworks

Please read Tara’s profile at her site above.

The dates and tentative topics for the webcasts are:

Wednesday, February 27th @ 7pm

  • Distance Healing and Ethical Practice
  • Focus: Experiencing Energy at a Distance
  • Intention and Energy work
  • Group Matrix Session: Stress

Wednesday, March 6th @ 7pm

  • Intuition
  • Focus: Experiencing Energy at a Distance
  • Myofacial Unwinding
  • Group Matrix Session: Anxiety

If you are not enrolled in the Holistic Nursing course for Spring 2013 and are interested in attending one or more of the above live webcasts, please contact Alicia Swanson for further information at swansoal@mnstate.edu


Holistic Nursing Links

American Holistic Nurses Association: What is Holistic Nursing?


Minnesota Holistic Nurses Association


Becoming a Certified Holistic Nurse


Homeopathic Nurses Association


National Institutes for Health: National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine


University of Minnesota: Center for Healing and Spirituality



Alicia Swanson RN, MSN, PHN
Nursing Faculty
Minnesota State University Moorhead

School of Nursing and Health Care Leadership


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